Hi there, my name is Tara!

I am a graduate of Western Kentucky University. I have a degree in hospitality where I found my love for special events as an event coordinator.  I have been a camera hog since the late 90’s. My best friend and I would make mini movies every chance we got.  While in college I used two paychecks to buy my first DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera. I now own my third Canon.  I have a love for photography and everything it offers.  I also have a recent obsession with owning old cameras and want to learn film photography in the next few years.

I love everything happy, natural, and organic.

I like to be goofy and have fun taking pictures so I can capture your personality and style.  You want to wear your favorite t-shirt or comfortable pants? I say why not! Life is too short to take it seriously.